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Breathe In, Breathe Out


  Karen D. is passionate about offering a safe space for students to reclaim their mindfulness, awareness, 

 self love, self kindness & self care. Karen incorporates the physical practice with the mental well

          being, into your yoga practice.  Her classes are designed to connect the physical and mental

practices to promote mindfulness and leave you with a sense of ease. 


Our mission is to make Yoga & Wellness available, accessible & affordable to all. We are passionate yoga and wellness educators with a focus on infusing social emotional learning into our yoga & wellness offerings.  Our classes enhance the "Inner Being" through the practice of mindful movement and connecting the breath.


Our Vision


 Our Vision is to bring "Awareness to Wellness" through outreach and community. We pride ourselves in   serving all communities and especially creating an open narrative for individuals to share and connect in a safe and supported way while self directing their wellness journey. 

Our Values

   - We serve all communities offering customized yoga and wellness classes for families and individuals.         - We serve students Pre-K to Seniors in and around the community.

   -  Unity in diversity, we offer yoga for all.

   - Self Discovery, dig deep and discover your roots. A journey of discovery.

   -  Free Wellness & Yoga classes available to the community.


 Come With An Open Mind And Leave With A Full Heart.

Our Work

    - Helping individuals to find their "Inner Being" through "Awareness to Wellness" practices.

    - Offering a safe, supported space for individuals to practice yoga & mindful movement to  enhance  Inner peace         

    - Building mental, emotional and physical strength in a mindful way.

    - Customized classes and practices to fit the needs of students. Sensory symbols for "self check in", a Wellness Mantra to increase resilience, two finger mudra to enhance focus and confidence.            






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