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Signature Facial

This facial is designed exclusively for you!

This session helps to firm, hydrate and restore the natural glow of your skin by removing dead skin cells and extracting impurities. Customized to your concerns and skin type: Anti-Aging, Oily, Sensitive skin & Acne 

Includes cleansing, toning, steam, Ice Globes facial and neck (décolleté ) massage,  Ice Globes hand and arm massage, and a customized mask.

Hydrating Facial Treatment
A hydrating facial is designed to hydrate and moisturize the skin. A hydrating facial incorporates a
massage of the face and neck, as well as steam for a hydrating ingredient for the skin. It is finished off
with a highly nourishing mask. Your skin will feel restored and refreshed.

Anti-Aging Facial Treatment
Get instant results with Inner Anti-Aging Treatment!!
Will stimulate collage production. Antioxidants and vitamins are combined to help the skin become
revitalized. The treatment includes steam, exfoliation to clean the pores, and an ultrasound that helps to
promote micro-circulation and skin renewal. Combined with a soothing ten-minute facial massage, which
is finished off with a collagen mask.

Eye Contour Treatment
This specific treatment helps the delicate eye area reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark
circles, and puffiness. This includes ice globes therapy to reduce dark under eye circles and stimulate
blood circulation .

Back Facial
Back treatments are designed to help eliminate blackheads and pimples. This session includes a gentle
exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, extractions. A relaxing massage with a customized mask is also

LED Treatments
Different color lights for specific skin concern. LED Therapy uses Red light for collagen Production, Blue
light to destroy the bacteria and Green for hyperpigmentation. LED treatments can minimize the look of
fine lines and wrinkles, help reduce the appearance of dark spots and the visible appearance of sun

Acne Treatments (pre-examination of the skin)
Cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, steam and a special mask is used to reduce the pores with ultra-
frequency. Please schedule for an intensive Acne Treatment for additional extraction time (if needed).

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